Kańczuga Projects

These are all projects that are being coordinated via the Kańczuga Yahoo Group, run by Philip Trauring, Gesher Galicia town historian for Kańczuga. Much of the work, however, will not get done without volunteers who can contribute their time and effort. If you can help with any of the projects listed below (in particular those showing that a coordinator is needed) it would be greatly appreciated by everyone involved.

To contribute to these projects, please join the Yahoo group and post there. If you need to reach me directly, you can e-mail me at philip@trauring.com.

Landsmanshaftn Cemetery Section Photo and Transcription Project

Photographing two cemetery sections in the NY metro area from Kańczuga Landsmanshaftn. Photographs have now been taken of both sections. Next step is to transcribe all the gravestones. After that is completed we can process everything and submit it to JOWBR.

Kańczuga Archival Record Inventory and Indexing Project

We are working with Gesher Galicia to inventory all records in Polish archives connected to Kańczuga, copy them and index the data found in them. Stages:

Kańczuga Nearby Villages Inventory Project

We are planning a second inventory project to find out what records exist from 21 nearby towns and villages that have records of families that overlap with Kańczuga. Stages:

The current list of towns and villages include:

For full information on this project, and to see the list of surnames we've identified that are known to have lived in these towns, go to the
Kańczuga Nearby Villages Inventory Project page.

Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) Project

Looking for a volunteer in Israel to coordinate the copying and transcribing of documents related to Kańczuga in the CAHJP. Knowledge of Polish would be useful. - NEEDS COORDINATOR