Kańczuga Nearby Villages Inventory Project
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This project is currently just in the planning stages, but the goal is to create an inventory of existing records for the small towns and villages that were close to Kańczuga and likely had overlapping family with people living in Kańczuga.

It's important to realize that we may not find any records for any of these towns as part of this project. The goal is to investigate IF records exist. Once we determine that records do exist for any of these towns, we will pursue separate town-specific projects to copy and index whatever records we discover.

Our fundraising goal for this project is just $80/town to pay the researchers who will search through the L'viv and Przmemysl archives. Ideally we would like individuals to fund one or more towns at once – it other words this fundraising program is looking to raise money $80 at a time.

As many people do not know if their families lived in these towns, however, we will be waiting until we've raised enough money to inventory ALL of the towns. The idea behind this is simply that like someone from a town near NYC who moves to another country might for simplicity just say they're from NYC, we don't know who among our ancestors who came from these small towns might have simply said they were from Kańczuga. We thus want to inventory all the towns at once, since there's no way to know who really has family where.

Below is the a table showing the 21 towns we've identified that are close to Kańczuga and are known through existing records or through descendant reports to have had family related to people in Kańczuga.

The surnames identified for these towns are surnames we've culled from various existing sources, and do not guarantee that any new records will be found for the families mentioned, nor that any records will be found for the towns mentioned at all. This project is an attempt to identify IF other records exist for these towns, and we may not be successful in doing so.

If you are interested in getting involved in this project, and especially if you can fund part of it, please be in touch either through the Kańczuga Yahoo Group, or directly via e-mail at philip@trauring.com.

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Posted October 30, 2012